I want to light up my Lego buildings, where can I buy some LED bricks?

Lego LED bricks

Lego LED bricks

You can buy a set of 8 Light Up Building Bricks (2×3) with On/Off and Dim Ability.

Tight Fit with all LEGO bricks: No longer do the lighted bricks have to be rare and one per set.

Get 8 in one place with this new, patented design. These bricks can easily be turned on or off, or even dimmed, for eye-popping displays. They have some details though. The LED inside the clear brick is facing up. This means most of the light goes up, and only a little goes out the sides.

Last the lights come with two technics pins, used to turn the screws to turn the lights on or off. They also come with one green brick remover, that is a bit longer than the LEGO brick remover.

Buy 8 LEGO compatible LEDs for less than $10 delivered to your place!

Where can I buy the Penguin Bomb in the USA?

Penguin Bomb

Penguin Bomb

This penguin bomb novelty can be bought at USA, but there are only a limited quantity of these.

You all have seen the incredible demo on YouTube that shows how a flat paper pops out and transforms into a great Penguin papercraft! There is nothing else to explain

You can buy it for around $35.

And this book not only includes the Penguin, but a lot more! If you are into origami and Japanese things, this is the one for you!

Where can I buy an unique fidget spinner?

Cube Fidget Spinner

Cube Fidget Spinner

There is not much unique about a fidget spinner today. You can find them with lights, on different materials, etc, but there is no surprise!

Now there is! With these amazing cube shaped fidget spinners, that cost less than $10, You will have all the fidget spinner experience in an amazing shape.

It’s perfectly balanced and weighted for max spin time and smooth operation, it is the perfect gift for people with restless hands, ADHD, anxiety or forced neurosis. It will give them happiness and it provides a soothing effect to solve stress!

These are made with aluminum alloy, professional hybrid ceramic bearings

Get your cube fidget spinner now!

Where can I buy a great gift for a Star Wars and Japan fan?

Star Wars Chopsticks

Star Wars Chopsticks

Mix these two awesome things, Star Wars and Japan, and you can find the perfect gift for those sushi eaters! These Star Wars chopsticks are awesome!

These have leds and included batteries, so it is a bargain for a really fun gift!

Be the life of the party with your friends and family by owning a pair of these uniquely designed utensils. compact and so you can carry them easily in your pocket.

But be aware, to actually eat with them, might take an extra effort unless you are a pro with chopsticks!

Get your sabers chopsticks right now for less than $20!

Where can I find handmade walnut sunglasses?

Walnut Sunglasses

Walnut Sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses are an old new trend. Each and every pair of our sunglasses are unique, hand-selected and packaged in the USA.

These great sunglasses can be bought for less than $40. Premium UV400 polarized sunglasses that reduce the glare reflected off roads, water, snow, and other surfaces. Designed to provide long lasting protection for your eyes.

All natural wood sunglasses made from organic walnut. Lightweight, durable and designed for your comfort, and they look badass!

Great for a gift, your man will love it! And so will you!

Where can I buy a minimalist tatami bedroom set?

Tatami minimalist bedroom set

Tatami minimalist bedroom set

You can acquire this post modern bedroom set online with outstanding quality. JIXINGE Furniture is one of newest brand invested by JIXINGE (HONG KONG) International Co. Ltd that has a 100% positive feedback.

Traditionally made using rice straw to form the core, the cores of contemporary tatami are sometimes composed of compressed wood chip boards or polystyrene foam.

This post modern tatami bedroom set, is incredible. With genuine leather on the back, and the best Oriental wood.

Specially designed for small rooms, and easy to assembly. Get your minimalist tatami bedroom set now!

Where can I buy a vibrator that works via webcam and Internet?

Lush Vibrator

Lush Vibrator

This vibrator has strong, and rumbly vibrations. It might be the most powerful bluetooth remote control vibrator available!

It’s fully optimized for home or public play, being that it is powerful, but nearly silent!

Has the long control range with blutooth, with an optimized antenna tech. And also long distance control, conntected with a partner via an app for fun from any distance, the app can be even used with Chrome Explorer

Has unlimited vibration patterns, the app allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns!

Get your remote vibrator now!

Were can I buy a levitating bonsai?

Levitating Bonsai

Levitating Bonsai

This is probablly the easiest operation Levitating Air Bonsai Pot.

It has stable electromagnetic suspension tech, totally quiet. Comes with a white LED light feature for pedestal that makes it very cool even in the dark. Floats up to 1 inch, and can hold up to 0.66lbs, will rotate 360 degrees in mid air!

Ideal for office,coffee shop,gift shop,shops, bars, party, hotel, family receptio! Just the perfect gift!

Get your levitating pot right now! But watch out, the bonsai, is something you must have or get somewhere else!

Where can we buy the coin stealer cat piggy bank?

Cat steals coins

Cat steals coins

This adorable mechanical kitten comes out of cardboard box to steal your coins and help you collect money!

Requires two AA batteries, and any child they will easily fall in love with this little kitty cat bank

The cat does not always pick up the money on the first try, but you will push the button and have the cat peek out.

There are multiple kind of animals inside a box, but we really recommend the original of the cat. Which only costs $14!

Where can I buy cheap ball toys for my cat?

Cat ball

Cat ball

You can buy 10 EVA balls for cats for less than $5 including shipping to your home! We couldn’t find any toy ball cheaper than this one.

Made with non-toxic high quality EVA material, light and soft but very durable,100% safe for all pets, with vibrant, high-visability rainbow colors design makes this toy easy to retieve in outdoor.

It’s a great and cheap gift for your dog or cat