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Where can I buy a novelty stress relief toy?

Novelty stress relief toy

If you are looking for a novelty stress relief toy that add some fun while you are calming your anxiety, this is a great one!

When you look at it, it’s just a tree log. Yet, when you squeeze the tree log you will watch Nutty the Squirrel pop up!

Measures 2.25″ tall and it is a fun stress reliever toy Nutty Squirrel Popper Toy from Schylling Toys. Costs only $13 and the material quality is great!

Get yours now

Where can I buy a durable carpet beater?

Carpet Beater

This carpet beater is very effective household tool. Even if you have a good vacuum cleaner and cleaning rugs regulary – after beating the rug outside you will see how much more dust you can get out of them.

Carpet beater is hand made from rattan by professional with years of experience – will last long

Paddle has a wide face and that allows for a bigger rug beating area – be faster and more effective – get that dust out. If you do not use a rug beater on your sofa, couch and chair cushions – you should try it out and you will find out why

2.1 inches long – feels heavy in hand – perfect for the job – great and unique house warming gift

Get your durable carpet beater for only $30,95