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Where can I buy the biggest Rubik cube available?

Pentaminx puzzle

Pentaminx puzzle

So this might not be an exactly Rubik cube, but we took the question as the kind of puzzles as Rubik cube!

And this my friends, is the biggest one we could found. It is the Pentaminx, and it is probablly the most difficult puzzle you will ever find.

It’s an incredible expensive toy, it costs around $250, but if you are, or your friend is, into Rubik cubes, this might be one of the best gifts ever, or there is a big chance they will hate your for life too when they struggle to solve it.

Get your professional puzzle cube Pentamix here!

Where can I find a coloring puzzle?

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

This is an awesome puzzle if you are into puzzles.

It is, however, very challenging to put together as the whole thing is black and white with random designs.

It takes in average, for a pro puzzle builder, over 30 hours to put this together. The coloring is yet another challenge because it is a fairly large puzzle.

We would not recommend this product to a beginner or casual puzzler or colorist because it is a serious time commitment from start to finish! For those who love puzzles and coloring, though, it is a great source of entertainment.  Get your brand new coloring jigsaw puzzle now!