Where can I buy a dandelion paperweight?

Dandelion paperweight

Dandelion paperweight

You probablly know about the dandelion paperweight from its KickStarter, they raised around $ 20,000 to start this business with almost 250 backers.

The dandelion head puff, with parachute-like seeds about to disperse, is captured in a crystal clear paperweight. It’s perfectly round (spherical) but with a flattened bottom to keep it from rolling.

The glass-like half globe, made of resin, allows the dandelion seed head to be viewed from all sides. Each dandelion seed puff, also known as a dandelion clock, is hand-picked.

Due to the nature of the product, each paperweight is unique, with no two being identical, making it a special gift. Approximate Dimensions 3″ in diameter.

The cost of this resin paperweight is around $ 90. Might sound expensive, but it is hand made and with a very pro polishing that makes the resin to look like glass! You can buy it here.

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