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Where can I find a coloring puzzle?

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

This is an awesome puzzle if you are into puzzles.

It is, however, very challenging to put together as the whole thing is black and white with random designs.

It takes in average, for a pro puzzle builder, over 30 hours to put this together. The coloring is yet another challenge because it is a fairly large puzzle.

We would not recommend this product to a beginner or casual puzzler or colorist because it is a serious time commitment from start to finish! For those who love puzzles and coloring, though, it is a great source of entertainment.  Get your brand new coloring jigsaw puzzle now!

Where can I buy the most ridiculous sweater for my internet addicted cousin?

Internet Sweater

Internet Sweater

Frank from Detroit asks us via our form, wher can he buy the most ridculous sweater for his cousin, who seems to be an internet addicted, and so we did our job with a really good result!

This sweater is amazing. For only $20 Frank can gift his cousin an awesome sweater that has a really 90s look in it, and portraits his addiction in a fashion way!

It’s the most Internet Sweater you can find.

It’s a unisex sweater and has pockets on the front. Frank, you can buy it here! Share the laughs later!

Where can I buy a Nintendo themed coffee table?

Nintendo Coffee Table

Nintendo Coffee Table

It’s hard to find a Nintendo Coffee table, but we did. But we are not happy with the result.

Believe it or not, this one is being sold for $350.

That’s too much for this product. It doesn’t have anything special, just three different colors of paint and a couple of stencils. You can do it yourself for a less than $100 project.

Where can I find a realistic fishing lure?

Realistic fishing lure

Realistic fishing lure

This is an expensive lure, but it is the only soft swim bait that swims at any retrieve speed.

Made with a super soft plastic that rolls in fishes mouth for enhanced hook-ability, and looks like a real fish swimming, no matter how fast or even slow you are retrieving it.

It is claimed to last for 22 fished bass!

Get your most realistic fishing lure from here!

Nobody asked for this, but it is an awesome offer! Resident Evil Movie Blu Ray Collection for less than $15!

This is an incredible offer! A full 5 movie collection for only $15, these kind of collections usually are sold for over $100! And only DVD, this one is for BLU RAY!

Includes all five Resident Evil movies. And not only that, they came with the digital versions too!

This is an outstanding bundle, and you should get this offer before it expires! This is an amazing gift for those Resident Evil lovers and fans. Great movies with Milla Jovovich!

Where can I buy Ikea shopping bags?

Ikea bag

Ikea bag

These blue beauties are a truly utilitarian and versatile tote bag, use them for grocery shopping, laundry, moving and more!

The max tested load (and suggested) is 55 lbs. Horse people use these to carry hay & they work great for three square flakes. The handles are sewn on strong – just don’t leave this plastic material out on the sun as it breaks down quickly.

Great price and huge bags! The material is like a tarp and is hand washable and easy.

Get a set of five for only $11.84, you are going to love these blue monsters!

Where can I buy those pixel panties?

Pixel Panties

Pixel Panties

For all you ladies out there who are computer nerds or gentleman who would like to buy your lady something special, we have the perfect gift for you.

This Magic Pong White Pixelated Underwear Square Scalloping is flattering, comfortable, and perfect for the woman who wants to express her love of all things pixelated.

The underwear, for women, features square scalloping to give the appearance of retro video game graphics and also features a lasercut square scalloping with small boxes at the hem to resemble the old-fashioned computer graphics .

Some say the quality is a bit pixelated!

You can buy them for less than $ 12

Where can I buy a LEGO brick separator?

There are basically three kind of LEGO brick separators. All three very easy to differentiate from one of each other.

First we have the Green one, which is th newest version. These ones will work for your LEGO Technic too. And this little tool is a must for all LEGO fans.

Lego Brick Separator Green

Lego Brick Separator Green

Then we have the gray one. This is the most common piece, and works great too. Fortunatelly for those nostalgia LEGO fans, it is still being sold. But since 2011 it is not included in most LEGO boxes.

Lego Brick Separator Gray

Lego Brick Separator Gray

And finally, the orange separator, It most definitely works with the tiny legos. The little prong on the top help separate the connecter rods from their couplings. we love this tool. Your dentist will love that your kids aren’t trying to dismantle things with their teeth anymore!

Also, this one is the percieved as most official.

Lego Brick Separator Orange

Lego Brick Separator Orange

All three options are excellent options! And are a great investment for less than $10 any of the options.

Where can I buy chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines Day?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A sweet way to send your love! 12 delicious strawberries dipped in real chocolate-rich pure dark chocolate, and pink-tinted white chocolate, and decorated with coordinating drizzle and sprinkles.

Each berry is delicately hand dipped and decorated in real chocolate in our own kitchen for both culinary artistry and exquisitely decadent taste.

Freshness and premium quality are 100% guaranteed. Made to order and shipped overnight with ice in their signature gift box to ensure perfect arrival.

Get it for your Valentines now by clicking here, it’s only 30 USD!