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Where can I buy a mechanical lock USB flash drive?

USB Mechanical Lock

USB Mechanical Lock

From the first turn of the gear you will realize that this is no normal USB stick. A great way not only to protect the information, but also to add an element of a game into everyday life.

Mechanical combination lock stores 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive. Only those who know the password can use it. This Round Lock Cryptex from the Russian designer Stanislav Tatarinov instantly revolutionizes the way you use and think about USB sticks.

Sadly, the combination to unlock it, it is not customizable. But even with this issue in mind, this is a fantastic gift! A USB flash drive is always handy, and with this coold and novelty design, it is the perfect gift for those steampunk fans!

Buy this fantastic gift right now and get it delivered at your place!

Where can I buy affordable USB-C headphones?

USB-C Headphones

USB-C Headphones

The latest digital audio tech that features full lossless soun effects, with pure sound and tight bass and most important, a USB-C connection headphone are now affordable.

The price has went down from $55 to only $13. Which is an amazing drop for these modern headphones.

These earphones are carefull and ergonomically designed for comfort while wearing them, and less likely to fall from the ears.

Latest Type-C port is for an improved music quality and compatibility with most of the smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Get your $13 headphones now!

Where can I buy a GameCube controller for PC?

GameCube controller for PC

GameCube controller for PC

If you are a nostalgic gamer like we, you would love to get this GameCube imitation controller fo PC

Retrofitted by Retro-bit this Retro link USB controller plugs into any PC or Mac with a USB port, giving you that classic GameCube feel.

The controller itself reminds me of the original in every way. The buttons are just fine and feel good enough without being too loose or cheap.

The only issue is that you might have some troubles configuring it, as not all the buttons might work from start, but you can configure it and make it work with plenty of tutorials online on how to install this generic GameCube controller for PC!

Where can we buy a good smartphone that we don’t have to charge everyday?

People who are always in motion (traveling) or that are lazy or just can’t remember to charge its phone everday, should take a look to this incredible cheap unlocked smartphone with Android OS.

The Huawei Mate 2 it’s a great smartphone. The display is incredible large and its over 6 inches. And the battery capacity is typically 3900 mAh, with an awesome battery life of 28.47 hours of talk time, or 621 hours of standby time. This is incredible, it lasts for 26 days on standby. To compare it with iphone 6, of just 250 hours on standby.

Has a good front camera of 5 megapixels and main camera of 13 MP, works with LTE, features GEO-tagging, and you can use and install all the apps that you can find at the PlayStore from Android.

Awesome cellphone with great battery! Get your Huawei Mate 2 from Amazon store now.

Where can I buy some cool earphones for guns fans?

Bullet Headphones

Bullet Headphones

If you have a friend or relative that is into guns, this fantastic bullet earphones are the perfect gift for them!

Munitio brand, these earphones not only look terrific, they have an awesome sound. 9mm speaker drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets for superior dynamic range and quick recovery. They have titanium coated machined copper alloy housing with Munitio‘s Bass Enhancing Chamber engineered to produce the deepest most accurate bass without distortion.

Silicone Hollow Points with noise isolating technology designed for secure comfortable fit, resulting in lower volume levels and better sounding music. Kevlar reinforced fabric cable with 24k gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug providing exceptional audio signal transfer compatible with leading industry Mp3 and smartphone and tablet devices

These are one of the best earphones you can get, and the Munitio model is Tactical Earphones and you can get them from Amazon store and get it delivered to your place.

Where can I buy an adjustable tray for my computer or keyboard and mouse?

Computer holder for your couch

Computer holder for your couch

If you are like me, who has a computer connected to the TV and loves using Netflix or playing videogames in the “big screen” from your comfortable couch, you are probablly looking for a tray that can be adjusted to your sofa and that is big enough to use a mouse without being a huge table.

This amazing couch tray that only costs 40 bucks at Amazon, will work as a charm for your purpose of comfort. It has an awesome tiny tray for your mouse, and in the main tray you can use it as a notebook tray or a keyboard tray if you have some cordless keyboard.

Made from very sturdy aluminum, it is extremely easy to adjust to that perfect height and angle with a simple spring button locking mechanism. There is no assembly required and you can use it from the unbox.

You can be creative with the legs since they are independently adjustable. It also has another neat feature, it comes with little rubber stoppers that will hold your cellphone or the remote control onto it while you are lying down.

Get your keyboard tray and your mouse tray, all in one perfect tray from Amazon right now and get it delivered to your place. How else could you be more comfortable?

Where can I buy the best external battery for my cellphone?

Cellphones and tablets are one of the greatest things of our modern life. But their batterys are a pain in our private parts. We have all needed in a moment of our lifes an external battery for one of our devices. Either it was because there was an emergency, or just because we forgot to plug it at home.

Finding a good external battery it is hard. And we want to make the search easier for you. These portable battery are the best we have ever seen or tried. Its huge 13000mAh capacity charges an iPhone 5s almost 6 times, a Galaxy S5 over 3 times or an iPad Air once.

Ultra reliable Grade A cells with over 500 battery charge cycles. This battery pack will automatic shutdown if a short circuit or overload output occurred while unit is charging. It has a beautiful design and you can even chose color, from white or black.

The iSmart technology internal controler maximizes compatibility with virtually any USB 5V charging device by enabling charge speeds of up to 4 amps. With 13000mAh storage capacity, the RP-PB22 can charge any phone many times.

Mobile devices and tablets are getting larger but batteries aren’t, which is why it is almost essential to carry an external battery like the RAVPower 3rd Gen Deluxe 13000mAh or 15000mAh External Batteries.

And a funny gag from this device. The iSmart logo, backwards it reads as jews.

Buy now your RAVPower external battery from Amazon now.

The bottom line on the RAVPower battery is this: it works and it is affordable.

Where can I buy a black cube clock?

Some people have asked us in the last days where they could buy a black cube clock. These kind of clocks are getting great popularity and we want to suggest one in particular that we consider it is even cooler than a plain cube.

Red Led Cube clock

Red Led Cube clock

This Red Led Clock is incredible awesome. It has been created for Areaware (a great design company) by New York based designer Jonas Damon.

The Black Clock even has an alarm clock, and the brightness of the red leds is adjustable.

It’s made with great materials and it looks incredible. The best part is that the Numbers clock can be adjusted to the design you want, and if you just want to display them in a row, you can do it, or even a column!

This Black Clock can give you great flexibility and it’s not only cool for you, it is the perfect gift. And you can buy it from Amazon or by following one of the links in this article. Good taste in design and durability doesn’t have a cost.

Where can I buy earphones that never tangles?

Never tangled headphones

Never tangled headphones

If you suffer from tangled cords in your pocket, and are tired to waste a couple of minutes untangling them in order to start listening your favorite music, this is your chance for you to end up all your troubles!

Maybe that has a tone of those annoying ads, but this is true. The never tangle zip earphones are available now in their 4th generation, and they glow in the dark too.

Powerful bass and crystal clear highs suit all music styles with ComfortFit2 Technology: Angled ear bud shape stays in your ear no matter what.

Zipbuds are the world’s first and only zippered earbuds manufactured specifically to eliminate tangled cables. Protected by multiple utility and design patents, the unique design is critically acclaimed to be the solution to your tangled cables. The concept is simple; seamlessly combine earbuds and zippers to make one superior product. The 4th Generation of Zipbuds are the best sounding, lightest, and most comfortable earbuds available today.

Buy your zip headphones right now from Amazon and end your cord issues.

aa rechargable usb battery

AA Rechargable USB Battery

USBCELL AA Rechargeable batteries – work just like normal rechargeable batteries, but simply pop off the lid to recharge by any powered USB Port. Ideal for use with wireless mice, keyboards, games controllers, household products – in over 2 billion free USB ports.

No need to carry or find a separate charger as nowdays in 2014, you can find USB ports mostly everywhere, even most hotels now have USB plugs in their walls. Easy recharge on the go, in the office or at home. USBCELLs can be charged hundreds of times, saving you money, and helping reduce environmental waste. USBCELLs are NiMH batteries, 1.2v 1300mah capacity. Product information, support and recycling advice available at

This is a fantastic gadget that works and that you can buy in a secure store like Amazon, where hundreds and thousands of products are sold with an incredible user experience.

This is a great idea that it is now available for you. It has over a 70% of 5 star reviews in Amazon. The USB battery works.