Where can I buy an adjustable tray for my computer or keyboard and mouse?

Computer holder for your couch

Computer holder for your couch

If you are like me, who has a computer connected to the TV and loves using Netflix or playing videogames in the “big screen” from your comfortable couch, you are probablly looking for a tray that can be adjusted to your sofa and that is big enough to use a mouse without being a huge table.

This amazing couch tray that only costs 40 bucks at Amazon, will work as a charm for your purpose of comfort. It has an awesome tiny tray for your mouse, and in the main tray you can use it as a notebook tray or a keyboard tray if you have some cordless keyboard.

Made from very sturdy aluminum, it is extremely easy to adjust to that perfect height and angle with a simple spring button locking mechanism. There is no assembly required and you can use it from the unbox.

You can be creative with the legs since they are independently adjustable. It also has another neat feature, it comes with little rubber stoppers that will hold your cellphone or the remote control onto it while you are lying down.

Get your keyboard tray and your mouse tray, all in one perfect tray from Amazon right now and get it delivered to your place. How else could you be more comfortable?

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