Where can I buy a black cube clock?

Some people have asked us in the last days where they could buy a black cube clock. These kind of clocks are getting great popularity and we want to suggest one in particular that we consider it is even cooler than a plain cube.

Red Led Cube clock

Red Led Cube clock

This Red Led Clock is incredible awesome. It has been created for Areaware (a great design company) by New York based designer Jonas Damon.

The Black Clock even has an alarm clock, and the brightness of the red leds is adjustable.

It’s made with great materials and it looks incredible. The best part is that the Numbers clock can be adjusted to the design you want, and if you just want to display them in a row, you can do it, or even a column!

This Black Clock can give you great flexibility and it’s not only cool for you, it is the perfect gift. And you can buy it from Amazon or by following one of the links in this article. Good taste in design and durability doesn’t have a cost.

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