Where can I buy the best tool to eat pomegranates?

The pomegranate season is ending this month. It usually goes from September to February in the northern hemisphere. But it is still a good time to talk about this.

Sadly there doesn’t exist a pomegranate peeler, but there are tools like the one in the photo that can help you out to enjoy this delicious fruit.

The tool will help you put in vase all the seeds inside the pomegranate. Pit an entire pomegranate in less than 2 minutes, it has an Israel patent and has been created in cooperation with pomegranate farmers.

This healthy fruit can be enjoyed with all their freshness. Includes a cup, a grid screen and a flexible dome, and all the seeds will fall out easily into the bowl.

You just need to cut it in half like a grapefruit, between the ends. You also need to use a hard metal or wooden spoon and whack really hard several times. The seeds will fall into the bowl, but it does take a bit of force on the whacks. You can do it with your hands too, but it is easier with a heavier object.

Get your pomegranates tool right now and start enjoying one of the best fruits in the World!

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