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Where can I buy a dandelion paperweight?

Dandelion paperweight

Dandelion paperweight

You probablly know about the dandelion paperweight from its KickStarter, they raised around $ 20,000 to start this business with almost 250 backers.

The dandelion head puff, with parachute-like seeds about to disperse, is captured in a crystal clear paperweight. It’s perfectly round (spherical) but with a flattened bottom to keep it from rolling.

The glass-like half globe, made of resin, allows the dandelion seed head to be viewed from all sides. Each dandelion seed puff, also known as a dandelion clock, is hand-picked.

Due to the nature of the product, each paperweight is unique, with no two being identical, making it a special gift. Approximate Dimensions 3″ in diameter.

The cost of this resin paperweight is around $ 90. Might sound expensive, but it is hand made and with a very pro polishing that makes the resin to look like glass! You can buy it here.

Where can we buy a good cook book holder?

Believe it or not, the best way to keep a cook book open at the kitchen is this paperweight.

It’s made from acrylic, and it is great for cookbooks, studying, and any kind of hands free reading. 8.2 pounds of acrylic will keep your book open and stable to all the movements that exist in a kitchen.

And also and very important, it will avoid some mess if you spill something over it! It’s totally washable! It has a nice weight and is very attractive.

A perfect gift to include with a cook book to your relatives or friends, an awesome book holder!