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Where can I buy a board game for hockey lovers?

Fastrack, a game for hockey lovers

This is a fast paced board game, that hockey lovers will love!

Improve your motor and dexterity with this non-stop thrills and sporty action board game.

Shoot all 10 discs through the tiny slot to the opposite side to win, you will need to be fast on the eyes and on the hand.

The board is made with wood and high quality finish.

Aim carefully but act fast or you’ll be bombarded by your opponent’s zooming discs. Ride the fine line between speed and accuracy to win! Get your Fastrack for only $19!

Out Line Pen

Where can I find outline markers?

Out Line Pen
Out Line Pen

Usage instructions:

1: Shake the barrel with tip upward every time before use
2: Ink come out after 3 times continuous press tip on paper
3: Please recap immediately after use to avoid volatilization
4: Suggest to write on paper with 80gsm above, otherwise slight strike through will happen.
5: Ink is suitable to use on light color cardboard papers

These Friendgo Markers with doublie line pen are awesome to outline, because they already create a beautiful outline. The price is incredible cheap, only 1,40 per marker and the package comes with eight different colors.

The main problem, is that it won’t work well in papers that are below 80gsm, strike through will happen.

Buy your package right now!

Where can I buy a great pen holder?

Pen Holder

We have found this great pen holder made out of resin.

It is very suitable for decorating your display cabinet, desk, dining table, living room, bookshelf and any other places you want to add fun to life, as it is very well finished in details.

It’s a perfect gift for anyone with a desk!

It’s designed to hold any pen or any similar object, like perhaps a cigar.

You can buy this one for only $23.

Be aware that the knight might fall off from the base and you will have to glue it again.

Where can I buy a practical tape dispenser?

Electric Tape Dispenser

If your work is in need of continuos use of tape, like gift wrapping at a store, this electrical machine would be a rock star and a time saver!

You can adjust the size of the tape cut with just a movable sensor. It will provide a consistent length in every cut!

You can use any kind and size of tape roll. You can adjust the time for each cut and the size of them.

The tape dispenser costs $300, it’s a great investment as time is gold and this thing will save you a lot of time! Get your own here!

Where can I buy a radio control chameleon toy?

Where can I buy a radio control chameleon toy?

Where can I buy a radio control chameleon toy?

The basic functions of this chameleon toy, are move forward, move backwards, move the tail, five different sound effects, rotate and with a single button, you can extend its tongue to eat insects!

It’s a very nice toy, fun and incredible different from what we are used to.

For only $29, your childrens will love it!

Product size (L x W x H): 25.00 x 11.00 x 13.00 cm / 9.84 x 4.33 x 5.12 inches

Changeable light color, interesting and attractive for kids, and it even automatically enter into power off status it there are no operations in 10 minutes. Get your chameleon toy now!

Where can I buy a Thor hammer tool set?

Thor Hammer Tool Set

Thor Hammer Tool Set

This tool kit comes with all the household essential tools you would need for almost all minor maintenances, and looks like the Thor hammer.

Heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion. TPR materials for the handle, ergonomically designed as Thor would want it. All tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards. Tools are made from durable metal construction giving you the ultimate precision.

Tool include hammer, ptfe pipe, electrician tape, screwdriver, screwdriver bit, knife, tape measure, wrench, pliers, allen wrench, voltage tester, phone screwdriver. All this for only $ 100 !

Get your Thor Hammer Tool box now!

Where can I buy a magnetic window cleaner for triple glazed windows?

Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner

If your window is triple glazed and between 0.8″-1.1″ thick, these super strong magnetic windows cleaner are the solution for you!

Extra durable the Glider is made of extremely strong abs plastic and also includes two microfiber cloths for scrubbing heavy dirt and polishing.

Clean the outside and inside of a window at the same time, without risking yourself from high altitudes!

If you live in an apartment building where the windows do not fold in for cleaning, and are too high up to clean from outside, this is a great tool for you! Get your magnetic window cleaner now!