Where can I buy bread bag clips to seal other bags?

You want to seal bags? Forget about bread bag clips! You could buy a hundread bag clips for $10, but that’s not worth it!

The best solution to have at home or at the office, is a Impulse Heat Sealer!

Impulse Heat Sealer

This beauty costs around $32 and will change your life. It can seal any kind of plastic bags, from bread bags to chips bags!

No warm up time needed, Lightweight Design, 8 stalls temperature adjustme impulse manual hand bag sealer to meet any different materials bags.

Easy to use and to clean,ideal for household, retail, produce, grocery Stores, and industrial sealing with a certain quality superiority. You can seal up to 10.000 bags without a replacement, and big news, it brings an extra wire just in case.

When seal is done, the red light will go off. Keep the handle pressed down for 2-3 seconds to get seals optimal results.

Might take a few trial and error takes to get the setting just right for the bags you are using, but once you get that, packaging left overs are a breeze! It does create and air tight seal, so make sure you remove some of the air from the bag before sealing if you are shipping so the bag doesn’t pop in transit.

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