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Where can I find the best butter knife?

The best Butter Knife

The problem with butter is not that it is hard to cut. The problem with butter is butter temperature just out of the bridge. And people doesn’t have the time to let the butter to get to room temperature.

This butter kinfe is supposed to save you time. Innovative, heated serrated edge designed to curl up and soften cold butter easily. Made from heat conducting technology that utilizes your body heat to carve and spread cold butter.

No electricity or batteries required; safe for children; dishwasher safe.

Most reviews on Amazon say it work, and only a 14% of people who bought it say it doesn’t work. Maybe they didn’t understood how to use it, as some people even claim that have put it on warm water to warm it up. The key is to not cut off large chunks, just comb, comb comb!

This knife costs $ 32,42. Might be a little bit expensive, but will save you plenty of time in the mornings!

Where can I buy nice and unique garden tools?

Garden Silicone Thumb Knife

Made of oxford cloth and Latex and with quality sewing, our cutting finger sleeve and thumb protectors are used to harvest apples, oranges, citrus, vegetables, herbs and pears. Garden finger knifeare great for picking things in the garden

Comfortably fit and protector your fingers. They are easier to carry than scissors and can be used with one hand. Really handy and portable finger knife for gardening. IMPORTANT: When not using it, clean it, cover the blade cover and keep it away from children.

It’s a 6 pack, with only two of these being cutters, so you can cover all your other four fingers in your hand.

We all know that vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and other plants have stinging, some with toxic liquids, and some are hard. Use these garden harvest knife, they will make your gardening job easy and laborsaving.

Get your thumb knife for only $11

Where can I buy a Thor hammer tool set?

Thor Hammer Tool Set

Thor Hammer Tool Set

This tool kit comes with all the household essential tools you would need for almost all minor maintenances, and looks like the Thor hammer.

Heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion. TPR materials for the handle, ergonomically designed as Thor would want it. All tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards. Tools are made from durable metal construction giving you the ultimate precision.

Tool include hammer, ptfe pipe, electrician tape, screwdriver, screwdriver bit, knife, tape measure, wrench, pliers, allen wrench, voltage tester, phone screwdriver. All this for only $ 100 !

Get your Thor Hammer Tool box now!