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Where can I buy those pixel panties?

Pixel Panties

Pixel Panties

For all you ladies out there who are computer nerds or gentleman who would like to buy your lady something special, we have the perfect gift for you.

This Magic Pong White Pixelated Underwear Square Scalloping is flattering, comfortable, and perfect for the woman who wants to express her love of all things pixelated.

The underwear, for women, features square scalloping to give the appearance of retro video game graphics and also features a lasercut square scalloping with small boxes at the hem to resemble the old-fashioned computer graphics .

Some say the quality is a bit pixelated!

You can buy them for less than $ 12

Where can I buy DC Comics Harley Quinn panties?

If you, or your boyfriend, is a Batman series fan, and you want to give him a big nice surprise, you can buy these DC Comics panties from Amazon and improve your fantasy lifes.

It’s a pack of three panties, these Harley Quinn panties are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, incredible comfort and you can wash cold in a machine. But avoid iron them.

We are pretty sure your boyfriend has always dreamt about seeing you in a Harley Quinn Panty. These 3 pack panties feature a hipster style of black and red color and a variation of designs on them. Panties are a hipster style and a junior cut. Totally awesome!

These panties are comfy. Even if you are not into Batman, or if you are a man if you girlfriend is not into Batman, panties are always a resourceful gift, she will like them and she will wear them!

These are officialy licensed, and come in a variety of sizes: small waist size, medium size, large waist and XL waist size. But your Harley Quinn panty now!