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Where can I buy a dandelion paperweight?

Dandelion paperweight

Dandelion paperweight

You probablly know about the dandelion paperweight from its KickStarter, they raised around $ 20,000 to start this business with almost 250 backers.

The dandelion head puff, with parachute-like seeds about to disperse, is captured in a crystal clear paperweight. It’s perfectly round (spherical) but with a flattened bottom to keep it from rolling.

The glass-like half globe, made of resin, allows the dandelion seed head to be viewed from all sides. Each dandelion seed puff, also known as a dandelion clock, is hand-picked.

Due to the nature of the product, each paperweight is unique, with no two being identical, making it a special gift. Approximate Dimensions 3″ in diameter.

The cost of this resin paperweight is around $ 90. Might sound expensive, but it is hand made and with a very pro polishing that makes the resin to look like glass! You can buy it here.

Where can I find a coloring puzzle?

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

This is an awesome puzzle if you are into puzzles.

It is, however, very challenging to put together as the whole thing is black and white with random designs.

It takes in average, for a pro puzzle builder, over 30 hours to put this together. The coloring is yet another challenge because it is a fairly large puzzle.

We would not recommend this product to a beginner or casual puzzler or colorist because it is a serious time commitment from start to finish! For those who love puzzles and coloring, though, it is a great source of entertainment.  Get your brand new coloring jigsaw puzzle now!

Nobody asked for this, but it is an awesome offer! Resident Evil Movie Blu Ray Collection for less than $15!

This is an incredible offer! A full 5 movie collection for only $15, these kind of collections usually are sold for over $100! And only DVD, this one is for BLU RAY!

Includes all five Resident Evil movies. And not only that, they came with the digital versions too!

This is an outstanding bundle, and you should get this offer before it expires! This is an amazing gift for those Resident Evil lovers and fans. Great movies with Milla Jovovich!

Where can I buy a LEGO brick separator?

There are basically three kind of LEGO brick separators. All three very easy to differentiate from one of each other.

First we have the Green one, which is th newest version. These ones will work for your LEGO Technic too. And this little tool is a must for all LEGO fans.

Lego Brick Separator Green

Lego Brick Separator Green

Then we have the gray one. This is the most common piece, and works great too. Fortunatelly for those nostalgia LEGO fans, it is still being sold. But since 2011 it is not included in most LEGO boxes.

Lego Brick Separator Gray

Lego Brick Separator Gray

And finally, the orange separator, It most definitely works with the tiny legos. The little prong on the top help separate the connecter rods from their couplings. we love this tool. Your dentist will love that your kids aren’t trying to dismantle things with their teeth anymore!

Also, this one is the percieved as most official.

Lego Brick Separator Orange

Lego Brick Separator Orange

All three options are excellent options! And are a great investment for less than $10 any of the options.

My dad had a pet rock when he was a kid, where can I buy one?

Pet Rock

Pet Rock

Your dad is going to love this toy from his childhood!

The pet rock low cost no maintenance pet for your home latest throwback from the 70. It’s an original 70s pet shop style pet rock.

It comes with an instruction manual telling you where the golf ball wants to eat and what it likes to do for fun! Definitely worth it!

You can buy this incredible simple toy for only $15 !

Where can I buy a desktop trebuchet?



If you are looking for a good toy as a Trebuchet, then click here and get your kit for less than $20. These are made in Korea, and takes like 2 hours to build them. It doesn’t come with counterlift weight, so you will have to create your own, a couple of AA batteries are suggested.

But while searching for this, we found a Da Vinci Catapult for less than $30, that looks amazing too.  You can buy it here.

Catapult Leonardo da Vinci

Catapult Leonardo da Vinci

These are made in Turkey, and will throw a golf ball up to 20 feet!

If you enjoy these wooden kits to assemble, are awesom fun, and they work! A great gift to yourself or your friends, and an awesome working deco for your desk!

Where can I buy the best yet affordable lube for intercourse?

Lush Water is a long lasting, water based personal lubricant with a Natural Feel. It is important that a good lube is water based because other materials might damage different condoms.

Designed to reduce dryness and friction without the loss of sensation. Doctor recommended formulation is Non-irritating, Unflavored, Fragrance Free, and Non-Staining.

Discreet Packaging with locking spill proof pump mechanism. Safe for use with all Adult Toys and extensively tested to insure compatibility with Latex and Polyurethane Condoms.

Buy your lube now, and enjoy it tomorrow with Prime!

Where can I buy some cool gift for a Gameboy fan?

Fridge Gameboy magnets

Fridge Gameboy magnets

The product looks as impressive as in the picture. The magnets stick well and are very thin.

The colors look good and the magnets are strong enough that they don’t slowly slide down over time.

This is a cool addition to the fridge, and its a great conversation starter, even for those who don’t know about Gameboy.

And it works as a whiteboard! Totally erasable, but the marker is not included.

It’s a full set of 6 magnets, included the big screen which is 16 by 12 inches! Buy the set for your Gameboy fan friend, right now!


Where an I buy a funny sandwich cutter?

Puzzle Sandwich

Puzzle Sandwich

This is the best funny sandwich cutter that we could have ever found! It’s a set of 2, and works great to encourage picky toddler eaters!

If you are having troubles with your kids, when they hate the crust and you are always using some sort of cookie cutter or another to slice sandwiches… Then this will help you a lot!

What a cute way to make eating fun for little ones. It may be considered playing with your food, but these cutters can also be an instrument to encourage fussy eaters.

And they even work great if you are planning on doing a theme party for Puzzle enthusiastics!