Where can we buy a cool tranformers kind of toy?

Mirinae Prime Unity Series Transformation

George from Los Angeles sent us a request last Monday, asking for a cool transformers toy.

After some time reviewing multiple options, we come to the conclusion that this unicorn is one of the coolest transformers toys in the market.

This is really a fun toy, even perhaps more so for an adult. You could keep it on your desk at work and people are always intrigued by the cars and then amused when they turn into a unicorn.

Are incredible durable and won’t break apart after a couple of transformations.

Get one and blow your friends and family minds with this unique and special toy!

Where can I buy a funny gift for dogs?

Fake Teeth for dogs!

If you are looking for some extra fun and laughs while playing with your dog, these balls with fake human teeth are an awesome gift!

A set of 6 balls for only $14. Squaky squeakers, soft, nontoxic and durable materials made of latex vynil, perfectly safe for dogs and puppies. These dog balls are such cute dog toys, that your Golden Retriever, Poodle or French Bulldog will love playing with it for hours, letting you do other important stuff

Throw the balls away the balls are colorful and funny with a human smile, showing nothing but teeth, and then the squeak seals the deal for extra giggle.

Get your pack now!

Where can I buy an ashtray to avoid smoking?

Here is a very specific ashtray shaped lung because it not only can hold your butts but it can also make you quit smoking, emitting a cough that will stop you craving.

Dimensions are 130 x 115 x 45 mm, built in PVC. Doesn’t includes battery (2 LR6)

And if the coughing doesn’t help you to avoid smoking, it will still be a great novelty to your office!

Buy your ashtray for $29

Where can I buy a flexi sphere?

Flexi Sphere

The original fidget toy. This ancient toy from India is made with silver colored wire and glass beads. It collapses and expands into many wonderful shapes.

You can create a huge number of shapes and it will never get old. Unique and easy way to entertain yourself.

This is very popular in the fidget toy industry, as it can be manipulated into many shapes and it is basically silent. The metal is not super strong so is can be bent or broken with rough use. Normal use it is quite durable. Use it gentle!

Size is 6.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches, so it can fit in your hands.

Buy your Flexi Sphere for only $15

Where can I buy great paper party hats?

Paper party hats

Magic vase hat, incredible versatile paper hat, foldable, like magic, can be used to sunshade and decorate yourself, bringing great fun to children.

Perfect for any occasion. Ideal for celebrating your birthday! Ideal for Easter, weddings, engagement designs and Christmas gifts, anything you want. It looks great and can be used as a holiday party decoration and a must-see for tourist attractions.

The hat features environmentally friendly design, easy to carry and easy to wear. It is really fun and unique, and it’s easy to build!

Size is about 15cm/5.91inch long; 4cm/1.57inch thick. suitable for teenagers, adults, and older children .

Get your hats now for only $1.71

Where can I buy a Truth or Dare Jenga game?

This Jenga datebox will give you hours of fun, with an interactive date night together. This can be your new Couples Game Night for quality time together.

The Truth or Dare Jenga is beautifully printed and fun to play. Every piece you play has an insightful truth, or a fun dare! This brings Jenga date night to the next level.

Makes a perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, weddings. Your marriage will thank you for this, or your lover!

Strengthen your relationship and take your love to a new level. Play with multiple couples if you dare! You can buy it for $25 here.

Where can I buy bread bag clips to seal other bags?

You want to seal bags? Forget about bread bag clips! You could buy a hundread bag clips for $10, but that’s not worth it!

The best solution to have at home or at the office, is a Impulse Heat Sealer!

Impulse Heat Sealer

This beauty costs around $32 and will change your life. It can seal any kind of plastic bags, from bread bags to chips bags!

No warm up time needed, Lightweight Design, 8 stalls temperature adjustme impulse manual hand bag sealer to meet any different materials bags.

Easy to use and to clean,ideal for household, retail, produce, grocery Stores, and industrial sealing with a certain quality superiority. You can seal up to 10.000 bags without a replacement, and big news, it brings an extra wire just in case.

When seal is done, the red light will go off. Keep the handle pressed down for 2-3 seconds to get seals optimal results.

Might take a few trial and error takes to get the setting just right for the bags you are using, but once you get that, packaging left overs are a breeze! It does create and air tight seal, so make sure you remove some of the air from the bag before sealing if you are shipping so the bag doesn’t pop in transit.

Where can I buy a board game for hockey lovers?

Fastrack, a game for hockey lovers

This is a fast paced board game, that hockey lovers will love!

Improve your motor and dexterity with this non-stop thrills and sporty action board game.

Shoot all 10 discs through the tiny slot to the opposite side to win, you will need to be fast on the eyes and on the hand.

The board is made with wood and high quality finish.

Aim carefully but act fast or you’ll be bombarded by your opponent’s zooming discs. Ride the fine line between speed and accuracy to win! Get your Fastrack for only $19!

Out Line Pen

Where can I find outline markers?

Out Line Pen
Out Line Pen

Usage instructions:

1: Shake the barrel with tip upward every time before use
2: Ink come out after 3 times continuous press tip on paper
3: Please recap immediately after use to avoid volatilization
4: Suggest to write on paper with 80gsm above, otherwise slight strike through will happen.
5: Ink is suitable to use on light color cardboard papers

These Friendgo Markers with doublie line pen are awesome to outline, because they already create a beautiful outline. The price is incredible cheap, only 1,40 per marker and the package comes with eight different colors.

The main problem, is that it won’t work well in papers that are below 80gsm, strike through will happen.

Buy your package right now!