Where can I buy a dandelion paperweight?

Dandelion paperweight

Dandelion paperweight

You probablly know about the dandelion paperweight from its KickStarter, they raised around $ 20,000 to start this business with almost 250 backers.

The dandelion head puff, with parachute-like seeds about to disperse, is captured in a crystal clear paperweight. It’s perfectly round (spherical) but with a flattened bottom to keep it from rolling.

The glass-like half globe, made of resin, allows the dandelion seed head to be viewed from all sides. Each dandelion seed puff, also known as a dandelion clock, is hand-picked.

Due to the nature of the product, each paperweight is unique, with no two being identical, making it a special gift. Approximate Dimensions 3″ in diameter.

The cost of this resin paperweight is around $ 90. Might sound expensive, but it is hand made and with a very pro polishing that makes the resin to look like glass! You can buy it here.

Where can I buy a great gift for a astronomy geek?

Planet Plates

Planet Plates

These melanime plates are awesome! Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Pluto sadlty not included because it’s not a planet.

100% melamine. Food safe and FDA approved. Not microwave safe.

This complete set of melamine dinnerware features eight 10″ original watercolor portraits of our solar system. Planet Plates are dishwasher-safe and light enough to pack for a picnic.

Great gift for the astronomy lovers! Buy your set now!

Where can I buy Marble looking truffles?

Marble Truffles

Marble Truffles

Inspired by the marbles of his boyhood, French Chef and twice elected “Best Craftsman in France”, Yves Thuriès dreamed up the idea of a chocolate like no other: Exquisite Chocolate Marble Truffles.

Glazed and polished to appear just like an actual marble, each truffle has its own distinct and unique filling. With seven different colors, recipes, and fillings, each truffle promises to be an individual experience like no other.

Exquisite Chocolate Truffle Marbles filled with delicately flavored chocolate come in the following delectable flavors: Milk Chocolate and Crispy Cookie, Milk Chocolate and Crème Brûlée flavor, Milk Chocolate and Nougat flavor, Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Praline, Dark Chocolate and Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry! Get your marble truffles now! For less than $20 !

Where can I buy a window bed for my cat?

Window bed

Window bed

A bubble look to watch out of the window for a memorizing experience your cat will love. Cats love windows and sun. They will love this bed.

Mounts on any window for the perfect entertainment center, and includes a kitty pad.

These super strong suction cups can hold up to 60lbs or around 28kg. The average cat weights around 4kgs or 9 lbs, so don’t worry, you can buy this quality window bed for your cat, he won’t fall from there.

Where can I find a coloring puzzle?

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle

This is an awesome puzzle if you are into puzzles.

It is, however, very challenging to put together as the whole thing is black and white with random designs.

It takes in average, for a pro puzzle builder, over 30 hours to put this together. The coloring is yet another challenge because it is a fairly large puzzle.

We would not recommend this product to a beginner or casual puzzler or colorist because it is a serious time commitment from start to finish! For those who love puzzles and coloring, though, it is a great source of entertainment.  Get your brand new coloring jigsaw puzzle now!

Where can I buy the most ridiculous sweater for my internet addicted cousin?

Internet Sweater

Internet Sweater

Frank from Detroit asks us via our form, wher can he buy the most ridculous sweater for his cousin, who seems to be an internet addicted, and so we did our job with a really good result!

This sweater is amazing. For only $20 Frank can gift his cousin an awesome sweater that has a really 90s look in it, and portraits his addiction in a fashion way!

It’s the most Internet Sweater you can find.

It’s a unisex sweater and has pockets on the front. Frank, you can buy it here! Share the laughs later!

Where can I buy a Nintendo themed coffee table?

Nintendo Coffee Table

Nintendo Coffee Table

It’s hard to find a Nintendo Coffee table, but we did. But we are not happy with the result.

Believe it or not, this one is being sold for $350.

That’s too much for this product. It doesn’t have anything special, just three different colors of paint and a couple of stencils. You can do it yourself for a less than $100 project.

Where can I find a realistic fishing lure?

Realistic fishing lure

Realistic fishing lure

This is an expensive lure, but it is the only soft swim bait that swims at any retrieve speed.

Made with a super soft plastic that rolls in fishes mouth for enhanced hook-ability, and looks like a real fish swimming, no matter how fast or even slow you are retrieving it.

It is claimed to last for 22 fished bass!

Get your most realistic fishing lure from here!

Nobody asked for this, but it is an awesome offer! Resident Evil Movie Blu Ray Collection for less than $15!

This is an incredible offer! A full 5 movie collection for only $15, these kind of collections usually are sold for over $100! And only DVD, this one is for BLU RAY!

Includes all five Resident Evil movies. And not only that, they came with the digital versions too!

This is an outstanding bundle, and you should get this offer before it expires! This is an amazing gift for those Resident Evil lovers and fans. Great movies with Milla Jovovich!